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International Psychic Consultant Clairvoyant

International Psychic Consultant Clairvoyant


Spiritual help and life-changing readings from Southport’s

leading Psychic Consultant Clairvoyant.


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Telephone: 01704 548915

Mobile: 07934 043319



10am -10pm


I have been working as a world-renowned International Psychic Clairvoyant since 1985 (37 years).


I am a deeply spiritual person who believes in life after death. I give proof to people who have lost their loved ones. I prove to them their loved ones are safe and still living on in the realms of spirit. I also help clients who are experiencing problems in their lives (i.e. business/work, marriage and family).


I am very family orientated and help ease people’s suffering, so that they can once again lead a full life.


I can offer you an honest, caring and life-changing reading which will leave you feeling reinvigorated and positive about your life to come. I have designed a special set of cards which I use with clients.


I teach life skills and ways to handle situations from a spiritual point of view.


I am based in Southport, but my reputation as one of the leading Psychics and Clairvoyants has spread worldwide. Clients from all over the world, including famous personalities, come to see me for readings. If you feel you need help of any kind, please give me a call or email me.

What I can offer you:

•    Honesty and compassion
•    Help with a variety of life issues
•    Life changing readings
•    Relief from stressful situations
•    Life coaching
•    Spiritual healing

Types of readings:

•    One to one
•    Skype
•    Facetime
•    Signal
•    Zoom
•    WhatsApp
•    Phone
•    Church services
•    Seminars

Based in Southport, I cover the local area as well as receiving clients from:

•    All over the UK
•    Europe
•    Middle East
•    Australia
•    Canada 
•    New Zealand
•    All over the world



I first met Bernice in 1988. It was my first ever clairvoyant reading. I was blown away by her insight and knowledge. She gave me names of people and who they were in my life only I could relate to. Since then her readings and predictions have been accurate and detailed. She is calm and matter of fact and makes you feel very comfortable. She is the best I've met. 5/5 stars


Spiritual guidance in Southport. My goal is to help you become happier and improve your life. Contact me today to begin your journey.


If you’re seeking spiritual guidance, then don’t hesitate to email me at I am based in Southport but have received clients from all over the world.

168 Duke St, Southport PR8 5EL, UK

01704 548915

07934 043319

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