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If you’re searching for ways to free yourself from traumatic past events, then get in touch with me today and I can help you take control of your life again.

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Our lives can be incredibly difficult to navigate sometimes and so it's important that during these stressful moments of our lives, we’re supported and guided to overcome our struggles. So if you’re looking for ways to push forward through traumatic events, then contact me today to begin your journey of transformation. For over 30 years, I’ve been working as a world-renowned International Psychic Consultant Clairvoyant and spiritual life coach who has helped countless individuals overcome their struggles to reach their full potential. For those that may feel stuck in life and are looking for ways to push through, my services can equip you with the strength and knowledge that you need to tackle your pain. Sometimes what’s stopping us from reaching our fullest potential is past events that continue to cloud our minds. By yourself, it can be hard to free yourselves of these traumas, but, with my help, I aim to ease your suffering so that you can achieve remarkable things in life. I am an honest and caring person that can offer you what I hope will be life-changing readings that will make you feel powerful and inspire you to take control of your life again. The cards that I own are a special, custom set that have been uniquely made for myself, meaning that no one in the world possesses them. So I believe there’s an exclusive power to my card readings that will truly transform your life. As a spiritual life coach I can teach you important life skills to help you handle situations in a calm and effective manner.

In addition to my services as a life coach, I am also a deeply spiritual person who believes that our lives long continue after we have passed away. So for individuals that are looking for help believing that their loved ones are safe and are still present in the realms of spirit, then get in touch with me today.

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I first met Bernice in 1988. It was my first ever clairvoyant reading. I was blown away by her insight and knowledge. She gave me names of people and who they were in my life only I could relate to. Since then her readings and predictions have been accurate and detailed. She is calm and matter of fact and makes you feel very comfortable. She is the best I've met. 5/5 stars



If you’re seeking spiritual guidance, then don’t hesitate to email me at robequinn@aol.com. I am based in Southport but have received clients from all over the world.

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Spiritual guidance in Southport. My goal is to help you become happier and improve your life. Contact me today to begin your journey.